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Junior Golf Lesson

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Level 1 Intro

An introductory program into the game of golf. Focus is on building a solid base of fundamentals and developing an interest in the game. Emphasis on having fun and basic body movement development.

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Level 2 Recreational

Intermediate program. Continued focus on building swing fundamentals while developing other areas of the game (short game, putting). Basic golf fitness incorporated into the program. On-course lessons to develop playing experience and golf etiquette.

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​Level 3 Competitive

Advanced program, high level of commitment and focus from students is expected. Designed for those looking to play competitive junior events and beyond. High attention to detail on eliminating swing faults and solidifying short game. Personalized fitness training plan and additional exercises to be performed independently. Bi weekly on course lessons to further develop course management,  learn technical rules and develop mental strength.

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