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Tru-Fit Golf Studio
“Play your best with confidence.” 

Lincoln Li is our expert Club-Fitter and purveyor of the Tru-Fit Experience. He’s earned his Master Fitter Certificate, and is passionate about club fitting, having researched the sector extensively and read everything from club fitting pioneers Tom Wishon, Ralph Maltby and Jeff Sheets. Lincoln has taken rigorous club fitting tests from the AGCP and ICG, and is an active participant in various club fitters’ forums. He’s attended conferences on fittings and buildings, studies shafts by reading technical articles and is constantly experimenting and collecting data on how each golf club specification can influence and change golfers’ swing and performance. 

Club Fitting Richmond

Custom Fitting

At Tru-Fit, we are proud to provide performance-based custom club fitting. Our goal is to provide you with the best performing golf clubs to help you play the best you can.

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Club Building

 At Tru-Fit, clubs undergo a much more rigorous club building, spec verification process that is unseen with off the rack clubs and pre-assembled clubs.

Feature Brands

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